by Hyun Kim
Sticky Fingaz Comes Clean on Losing His Virginity

           I was 13 – young, dumb, and full of cum. I can picture the girl’s face in my head – she was like the second cutest female in the whole school – but I forget her name. I had been trying to get with her, and after two weeks, she finally stopped fronting. Then she wasn’t shy at all. My homeboy was messing with her cousin, so one day we all cut school and went to their crib. The girls shared a room, and all of a sudden, where we were, right next to each other hittin’ it! Damn, it felt good!
Since I ain’t never bust a nut before, when it happened I was like, Oh shit, am I pissing in her?! Like that’d be real nasty! I swear to God, you shoulda seen my face. I went to the bathroom, looked, and saw some white stuff on my dick. I was like, What’s this? But then I realized, Oh yeah…And I was just like, I hope I ain’t havin’ no kids!
Another time, the girl came over to my crib after school – by then, I had started buying condoms – I was standing right in front of her, and she’s setting on my bed giving me, uh, head shots. Suddenly, my mom walked into the room! She’s like, “What the hell are ya’ll doing?” Man, she called the girl’s moms, who walked right through the door – ain’t said nothing to nobody – and knocked the shit out of her daughter. After that, I think she was afraid to get with me.
Looking back on the experience, it was definitely funny. I was embarrassed because I got caught by mom moms. The first time was just bugged out and weird to me, that I thought I was actually pissing. The moral of the story? Wear a bag when you have sex. The other moral of the story? Lock your doors so your moms don’t walk in on you.
Sticky Fingaz’s as-yet-untitled solo debut will be released by Def Jam/Universal later this year.

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