Welcome to the new site!!

As a big thanks to all the fans, to kick off the new site, COLD CASE FILES: VOL 2 is now completely free! Head over to the “MP3” section to check it out!!
Amongst numerous new things about the site, we still got all the same incredible content. Official lyrics with explanations. Free MP3s (has been free for 13 years and will stay that way!). Every photo from every magazine.
But we’ve added a ton, as well. Now on the Fan Page, you can upload photos of you representing what a hardcore ONYX fan you are. You can upload photos from your computer or phone, and it uploads right to the fan page!
If you are a fan with a rare Onyx track that we are looking for or do not have on the site, you can directly uploaded at the MP3 page!!
Members of Onyx will randomly update the site with their thoughts, writings, or whatever they come across, so be sure to check back often!
Again, thanks for coming back to the site for the past 13 years. This site has, and always will be for the hardcore ONYX heads out there!!

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